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To our understanding, E-commerce needs to find the ideal balance between user-friendliness, aesthetics and functionality, which all are necessary to offer the user a transparent, attractive experience with seamless, multi-channel communication throughout their entire purchasing journey.

As a full-service provider, Barney & Baxter understands the commercial challenges and technological barriers between online and offline business, and helps bridge them. Thanks to our extensive know-how in marketing digitalisation and the development of regional and world-wide E-commerce platforms, we believe that we know a lot about the activation and implementation of these channels. We have compiled this practical knowledge in a holistic, integrated service range for our clients and partners.

We see and treat a webshop as being equal to a brick and mortar store. The physical and emotional aspects that customers have always been eble to enjoy as part of a unique shopping experience are the same: The atmosphere, the interaction, the discovery of new things, the colorful displays – in short: having all senses be appealed. This perception has to be able to be experienced virtually as well.

From the search for inspiration to adding something to your cart, from being engaged on social media to selecting a method of payment: The user experience needs to be flawless, and the online communication must reflect the brand's identity. Once the consumer enters the site or the store, he has to be able to find exactly what he or she wants, yet be able to dive into the brand universe at the same time.
This is where we come in. We help develop and manage challenging digital End-to-End business solutions strategically. We manage our E-commerce platforms and connect them with stationary trade. From first contact to range design, presentation, pricing and customer loyalty – and beyond. Holistic and integral.

Just like in a brick and mortar store, success at the online point of sales is determined by both good products and a suitable shopping experience, as well as by knowledgable (i.e. digital, too), competent and friendly staff that can both actively advise, and enthuse potential customers in direct contact. This, for example, can go so far as having an E-commerce customer, if desired, receive a phone call from our customer service, offering more in-depth advice on a product that he or she is currently looking at in the webshop. Thus, we understand professional omni-channel management, that truly combines both on and offline.

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